It is such a privilege to work alongside some amazing humans and I love hearing the impact of how counselling, coaching or my online courses have been for them, check out some reviews below.

Hear from our respected clients

"We found Emma when we needed help for our 8year old daughter, she had anxiety and was starting to refuse food, most days she couldn’t go to school and was having very dark thoughts – Emma was excellent, my daughter warmed to her immediately and she gave her the tools she needed, she is so confident and healthy now. We couldn’t be more grateful."

Christchurch Parent

"My Husband and  I continue to talk about what a gift you are to our family. We are noticing a huge difference in the way our teenage daughter communicates and listens, not to mention, her shift in the way she views herself and the world around her. We can see that her time with you is really making a big difference in her life. We are so grateful! We think  the strength based approach plus the balanced, down-to-earth manner you have is fantastic."

Parent review

Christchurch Parent

"The Burden to Gift workshop was so beneficial in gaining more understanding of my empathy strength. I learnt new strategies for managing empathy and using it as a gift rather than being weighed down by it. I had the chance to share my experience of empathy and I felt heard and valued. It was great to be in a group with others and hearing the different experiences people have had. I loved the workshop, it felt like I was able to take some time to focus on myself and learn more about me. I loved the way Emma facilitates the workshop and I felt it worked really well over zoom!"



"I completed the workshop via zoom, where it was lovely to meet four other amazing people (including Emma) that have empathy in their top five strengths.  The workshop was great for me, as I definitely have felt that my empathy has been a huge drain on my daily life but with the conversations and exercises in the workshop that mentality was definitely turned around.   If you’ve struggled to balance out your empathy, then this workshop and now online course is for you…  I’m sure that you will find at least one great takeaway that will make a difference to your day."



"I am a big fan of Emma's empathy course, I have been recommending it to literally everyone! Coming from a health professional background and being in full time ministry, people are a key priority. Knowing how to look after myself and utilise my empathy is going to help me love people more!The course layout was super helpful, going through the modules and then reflecting on them with others, helped to see that empathy is a gift, and there are some key tools to help use it to its fullest, eg boundaries! I am excited to see the fruit in my ministry and career after learning some key tools on how to utilise my empathy and put boundaries in place, so I can love people even more!"


Palmerston North

I took the CliftonStrengths online test then received strengths coaching from Emma on my top 5. She helped me to understand my strengths, how they work together and how they can help me in my life, relationships and career. I feel so much more confident and have been able to make sense of how my strengths make me who I am and how to go about using them to my advantage! Emma is amazing at what she does, I highly recommend her coaching


Strength Coaching

"Emma is so kind & patient. She has honestly been the best counsellor  I have had! I have made so much progress with her encouragement and help. She is knowledgeable and practical tools for your journey."



"This workshop is not only a chance to learn new tools but to actually do them. You’ll leave this workshop lighter and equipped to invest in your empathy for the long haul."



"Emma is so thoughtful and clear in her teaching. She understands empathy, it's ability to bring life and healing and it's possibility of draining without helpful boundaries. Thank you for your professionalism and the tools given to attendees - they will continue to be useful as I balance my own needs with other's."



"In Lockdown 2020 I had signed up to do Emma's workshop on turning Empathy from a burden to a gift, and had empathy as my top strength. It felt as though I was constantly tripping over empathy instead of it being a blessing to others and myself. I am very blessed to be a mother of 3, which makes life busy with the advantage of my other 4 top strengths being people focussed as well- Empathy, Positivity, Adaptability, Woo and Developer!I work with preschool children and parents every day and found I was becoming burdened by the various concerns parents shared with me, and I didn't have any good processes in place for dealing with this. Also what I discovered through the workshop is my life balance (not making any time for my own needs) was way out of whack! Thanks to some really helpful skills I learnt on the course I have made some changes. One change I've made is every day after work I take time to download onto paper and to God the various 'concerns' parents have shared. Then I take half an hour to sit and enjoy my kai/time alone before starting on housework. Emma's Empathy course has been really valuable to me and comes highly recommended."



"After taking the online test, Emma helped me to understand my strengths more and to analyse how they have helped me in the past. She also opened my mind to how my strengths can positively impact my future. She was a calm and compassionate guide through our session and I cannot recommend her enough."


Co-Founder of Rise Digital