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Providing a safe place where people feel seen and heard and can step into their full potential.

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Puzzle Piece Connections offers a safe place for people who are struggling within aspects of their lives to share what may be hard to share with others. Specialising in Counselling and CliftonStrength Coaching that together help bring awareness to the true potential of each individual.

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We offer a range of services that cater for all ages, backgrounds and situations. All of our services are available in person or via zoom.


Counselling for Young People
Counselling for Women

Cliftonstrengths Coaching

One on one sessions
organisational coaching
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Have Empathy as a strength but unsure how it is a strength as you feel so weighed down by it? Check out our Burden to Gift: Understanding and Thriving in your Empathy Course. Here
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What is CliftonStrengths?

The CliftonStrengths assessment is a performance-based tool that builds self-awareness and strength. It allows us to learn about our strengths and then take action to develop your full potential. The assessment can be taken digitally and was created by educational psychologist Donald Clifton. He wanted to identify the strengths that made top performers stand out.